Blog 16

1. Compulsory heterosexuality is knowing that you are attracted to the opposite sex. For example, I am a heterosexual woman, I am attracted to men. I think I learned that I needed to be attracted to the opposite of my sex by society and seeing my parents who are also the opposite sex married. Its a learned behavior I have known, since I can remember to differentiate the 2 sexes.

2. Heterosexuality is something we do and its a natural process. For example we are socially constructed as soon as we are born. If you are a born a male, you are put on a blue outfit because you are a boy. And when you are born a girl, right away you will be wearing a pink outfit.

3. Script is a form of a “natural thing” all humans have in order to fit in society.
This can be in a silent way. And it also changes over time as people mature.

4. I think men suffer more on homosexuality because they may be seen as gay’s, or fag’s. Whiles woman who are heterosexual are seen as freaky and kinki. Men are put down more than woman if they have any signs of homosexuality.

5. Fag is a word most boys and men used to describe a male who is homosexual. These kids used the word “fag” to show how not to behave. That can mean acting strong and mean. I don’t think girls use this word. I think these types of words are mostly used my males.

6.I think Sexual slurs are begin used by adolescents because they hear them a lot around there peers. They also like to use them to make themselves look “cool”. They don’t even really think about what the word is and how it can make anyone feel.

7. A show that I watched that shows no heterosexuality are some of the characters of Orange Is The New Black. For example there is Alex Vause. She is a lesbian while her partner is bisexual. Alex does get treated good and accepted into what she is. Its jail full of woman who some are gay and some are straight. But she does not hide her homosexuality.


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