Blog 15

1. Rite of passage can be described as passing an object or a celebration from child to adulthood. This can be different from cultures. In my family a rite of passage is when a girl becomes a woman and they celebrate this by making a big party which in Spanish its a quinceanera. She is dressed in a beautiful colorful dress, and has chabelenanes who dance with her in her party, but before the party there is a church event she attends as a blessing from god allowing her to be 15 years old.

2. Prom is a bid deal to all high school students, especially woman. They must find the perfect dress to wear to prom as well as to find the right jewelry and the right shoes, the hair do and the makeup. They see it as a time to “shine” and be there very best for one night, by only using there body and there beauty of how good they look in that prom dress.

3. At first I did not want to attend prom because I did’t have the money to buy an expensive dress. However two weeks before prom, my mother decided she would give me half of the money to buy my dress. So my best friends and I wen’t together to Macy’s and bought the same dress, just different design. Since we were best friend, we wanted to look alike. I also spent a lot of money to get my hair done and my nails done. I wanted to look my very best day. I wanted all eyes on me. I felt like it was my time for my classmates, to see the “young woman” I was. How sexy and pretty my dress made me feel. Now I realize I was crazy.

4.As i was reading this essay of guy code, i noticed how important it is for men to become 21, because they want to get drunk so bad that they would end up puking. Its like they are no longer “boys” and because they are turning 21, they will now become men, by demonstrating their drinking skills. I see the guy code begin used when my son cries and my brothers see him crying, they tell him to stop crying because only woman cry and they call him bad names. I of course don’t allow it, but they take advantage of it when I am not there.

5. I think that men have a lot pressure to be “men” so in order for them to be seen a s real men, they must be involved in a lot of sexual things to demonstrate their “real men inside.” I am sure some of them don’t appreciate it, but because society and rituals want them to be strong a very manly, they get pressured a lot.


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