Blog 14

1. I think one of the most interesting things I have read is how concern parents seem to be if there child wants to play with baby dolls. I let my 5 year old play with ken dolls while his little cousins are playing with barbie dolls. I have also in the past when he was 3 years old play with a pink stroller i have bought him, i never had a problem with this. However, my parents did and they ended up throwing it away stating that he will not be playing with girls things. When i see the quotes that parents write about their kids complaining that they will “feel bad” if there boys became gay. But of i don’t. If he feels like his gay than i cant do anything but wish him the best. Yes, I would be upset but I would not feel like i have failed.

2. Goodwin essay speaks about how babies even at nine months old, seem to choose gender like toys to play with. One of the interesting things to is that even little boys where given toy trucks and teddy bears, and the little boys seemed to have no interest in teddy bears at all. When parents also socialize with kids, they play poke and tickling, wheres when they play with girls they are very gentle.

3. Kane essay explains how parents get so upset when there children start showing some type of interest towards a “boy toy” or “girl toy.” they would allowed them to play with it, but they would still make a comment such as “you know usually only girls like to play with baby dolls, but you can play too” in some type of way they are still letting them its ok, but its not ok. They also don’t let there children boys especially, cry or show some type of emotion. They will call them out saying stop “begin a sissy.” Which I think its not acceptable.

4. Orenstein talks about the Disney princess. How she tried to hide snow white from her daughter, however she later discovered it and the mother was heartbroken in away because she had intentionally tried to hide it. She also feels that society sees Disney princess because they are pretty and that’s how all little girls should look like. As society sees them.

5. I found a stroller that has pink and blue. The color is very even of both genders. I think they made it like this so both genders can play with it, without the parents to feel like it should be for the opposite sex. There is a pulling the stroller and very happy to play with the stroller, even tho the stroller had no baby doll carrying. I really think this is a gender less toy.

6. I think at this type of time yes, companies are realizing that times are changing and toy companies know that society is starting to believe more in neutral toys and that’s the way they will be making more money. Especially with the new neutral bathroom request.


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