Blog 12

1. Biological Determinism is the idea that humans behavior has to do with
there height, weight and size of brain, or other biological aspects of a human. Social constructionist is the idea that society has established a rule of law that applies to humans and it must be followed. Its like a common sense that all human should have or expected to have. The difference between both theories is the biological one you are born with it. and the social one is design for social encounters for the purpose of rules or common sense ideas.

2. Hubbard explains the problem differences by stating that girls on average are taller than boys. However, when girls get their period, they tend to slow down there growth of bones, making boys taller than girls. Researchers have also pointed out that if we want to look for differences in men and woman, we will find them. But we might also think we are looking at the wrong things, or at the wrong time. She also claims sex differences is irrelevant to the way society is organized.

3. Hubbard explains society makes woman think that they are there to breed children. And that that maybe some of them don’t work a paying job, that its not consider work. But reality is really is work. Even though it’s not paid work. Woman are also seen as less good workers when they have a paying job. This too is a misrepresentation.

4. Some dichtomization are men who have been discovered that they are transgender or tranny. Doan also states the struggle of transgender people such as actively working and having to be part of a society that sometimes does not recognize that they are to human being. And it’s not like they have an exclusive bathroom made for transgender people.

5. I think they are biological determinism because they don’t follow the social construction that society has established on how female and males should behave.


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