Blog 11 Composing Gender

  1. I have taken many classes about gender and what is like to me a female in this century and past century’s. I think woman are still struggling to be seen as equal to men. Not only are some woman still getting payed lower than man, but also woman are not allowed to do the same things as men. If we act all crazy as men, we are know to be all these horrible names. But when a man does all this things, he is seen as a hero and a player. I think the purpose of reading gender is to get students involved in the learning of what gender really is and how people might also view it. I think social constriction of gender means what society might see as gender. Since the word gender has really changed a lot, gender can mean the sex you were born in to, or the sex that an individual might have changed into while growing up. As I was growing up, my mother would always tell me that a woman role is to have kids and take care of the house. While a man role, is to work and come home to his wife. So religion and ethnicity have to do with how you will be raised, your values and also how we see our gender.

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