Blog 10

“Dear young ladies who love Chris Brown so much they would let him beat them” by Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay is an African-American writer and associate  professor at the university of Purdue. Her ethos are very well stated at the end of the essay. She has written many articles and books about social problems. she is also an editor and has her own online website. Roxane persuades her audience, which is young woman, to not let Chris Brown popularity as an artist to sacrifice their dignity of letting a man beat them just because he is famous, young and cute. Woman were sending comments on social media about how they would let Chris Brown give them a beat, just like the beat the artist Rhianna received from Chris Brown. She also states that just because Chris Brown has it “all” a combination of good looks, some what good music, charisma and good dancing skills, is not the right combination to let a man beat you. Roxane also states that woman are willing to be ok, with a beat because of the “mirage of fame.” She also explains that society today, are ok with celebrities beating woman down. Roxane gives different examples of different woman who have been physically abused by other famous celebrities. And they have still, received awards for best album, best this and best that. But why? if they are abusing woman, its like we are telling them its only ok because you are famous. The purpose of this writing is to persuade woman to not let a man beat them. And also that it’s not funny, to say that if Chris Brown would beat you, you would actually be ok with it. Some of the social media comments went as far as saying that getting a beat from Chris Brown was sexy. You know the purpose of this essay because she stated it in the beginning, my addressing that she wants to belive all the social media comments about getting a beat from Chris Brown was a joke. Hahah. If I had to choose one fallacies I would choose false cause because she uses examples of other celebrities to include in her essay. And even tho it has to do with the issue, she is going off topic, instead of talking more about Chris Brown beating. Both Pathos and logos are presented on this essay. When reading the essay, I got emotional on  woman thinking its ok to get a beat from a celebrity. She also sounds logic in her argument. I think this essay is a persuasive essay in why woman should not let as man give them a beat just because his famous. They should get punished more, than just a “slap in the wrist.” She also states good points and explains the difference between having consent of a situation, and not having consent. But she then finishes by saying you will never have any control, if you find a beating attracted.


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