Blog 9

Act. Shakley argues how offensive it is for schools to have logos such as Indians and other Indian like logos in their sports logo and mascot. Even tho according to Sports Illustrated,  84% of Native Americans have voted that this does not bother them, there is still a 16% arguing that it does bother them. Shakley agrees it’s a significant high number for school to remove their logos, in order to show respect for the Native American Indians.

Agent. Shakley is an author, and has written many books. One of his most recent book is on The American Civil War, specifically aimed to the Indian Territory.

I find this author very credible in his research and writing because he has written many books about this type of topic and he is also a Native American decendent.


Act. Schneider argues the importance of the newspaper he works for in letting the community know when someones has been convicted or release as sex offenders in their communities. He also states even that though some people have called and asked to not be naming sex offenders who have served their time, he will still keep doing this, because if they did it one, most likely they will sexually abuse twice.

Agent. Schneider is a newspaper writer in the state of Arizona. And he states that it’s the duty of the newspaper to alert people in their community from such crimes, and letting them know can even save people from begin sexually abused.

I find Schneider very credible because he is doing something right for the community in letting them know when and where these individuals have been placed and the type of crime they have committed in order to protect their children and other people who may be at risk.


  1. Shakley article was published on August 25, 2011. While Schneider article was published on February 7, 2011. Which is the same year. They are both issues very relevant in time and issues that we encounter very often. Shakley explains why they need to get ride of Indian mascots in schools and sports, while Shneider argues why it’s important that the newspaper he works for, keeps writing about released  sex offenders.


2. Shakley was offended by the schools putting Indian mascots as the schools logo, while Schneider wanted the community to know about the importance of community involvement in knowing when sexual predators have been released.



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