Blog 8 Ethos

1. Is college for Everyone?

Pharinet writes in his informative essay about students attending college. He suggest that not everyone should attend college because some people are not responsible enough to be able to handle the stress of college. He also points out how expensive college can be, and not everyone has the money to pay for it. Even though he does have some good points, not all points are valid because he does not include any professional research or real statistics. It’s more his point of view about college students. He sounds angry because people want to better themselves in college. Yes, college might not be for everyone but who is he, to sound angry  and give such strong opinion about attending college?  I would not trust this source at all.

2. If black English isn’t a language then tell me, what is?

I think Baldwin has a lot of racial anger in himself and shows a lot of it in his essay. He explains that black people should be more educated, but not by white people because they don’t really have an interest in educating the black population, unless they will get some type of benefit out of it. He focus a lot on his own race and states facts that are not reliable, its more of an opinion of life experiences he had to go through as a African-American child. He sounds angry to how society started out by bringing African American’s to the U.S.A. When you write this type of essay’s its important to have professional static’s and not sound like you hate white people.


  1. I did not find much information on Pharinet, however reading through google pages, I did find that he has a bachelor’s degree which its in contrast with what he points out in his essay stating that one of his student told him “C’s get degree” well first, you must have a master’s degree in order to teach college students. So I find it hard to believe his student would even make that comment. In addition, he only posses a bachelors degree. He also wrote his essay in a website where everyone with or without a college degree can write. His ethos are not credible enough.

2. I found a lot of information on James Baldwin he is an African-American novelist, play writer, poet and social critic writer.  Even tho he does have ethos, his writing on “If black English isn’t a language then tell me what is” this writing sounds very bias to me. He also disliked school because of the racial slurs. I would trust his work, only if it did not sound so bias against “white people”.


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