Rhetorical Analysis

  1. A rhetorical analysis is an essay or you can also use cartoons or any other type of expression to show your either informing, persuading or entertaining. You must you influence your audience to do something you want them to, or at least let them go home and think about what you have told them. This must sound reasoning to them.

2. In order to write a rhetorical analysis there are steps to do so. For example, knowing who will be your audience. You need to know ahead so you can write a speech that will be understandable and fit your audience age, gender and social economics. In addition, choose a topic that will help you develop enough evidence or information. Also make sure you sound reasoning, you must sound logic to what you are trying to say. The use of pathos is also important which is the appeal to emotion, now it does not mean to cry a river, but instead it is to show sympathy to the problem. And finally ethos which is the appeal of authority. Ethos will help the audience see that what you are saying is right because you have presented your self with authority bu establishing your credentials such as Dr. Paul or President of the U.S.A.

3. Ravisankar begins his essay by locating the problem. And that is when people don’t have enough money to buy stuff. So when its black Friday that’s when people buy the whole year and even for Christmas. The author assumes his readers are middle class to poor class audience. His main argument across is that they are paying and treating there employees bad by paying cents an hour, and not letting them take any breaks unless there manager gives them permission. He is done with his argument by giving his audience something to go home and think about. And that  is “so what can we do.” Over all I think he did a great job at writing this because it sounds very reasoning and establishes credibility.


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