Baby Ad

  1. The argument is that theirs a little boy around 10 months old, who is standing up and staring at the camera with a mean look and has tattoos all over his body. At the very bottom of the picture, on the right side theirs a binky by Playtex that says “for difficult little people.”
  2. The targeted audience for this ad are for parents of kids who cry a lot. As the ad says for difficult people.
  3. The purpose of this as, is to get parents to buy the binky for their children. Maybe even get them to keep quiet when crying.
  4. This creator of this ad used a baby with tattoos, basically saying people who have tattoos are rebels and difficult people. The baby also had a mean look in the face, he was definitely not happy at all.  The baby was also leaning forward like, his body language to me said, come close and I will beat you up.
  5. If anything I actually think its funny. I think the creator might have got some laughs out of people from creating this ad. I don’t see myself as a parent buying this item for my difficult child. But some parents might of just because it funny.

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