1. I really like the way Kothari writes her narrative story because she uses a lot of details. When she is describing to us the tuna smell, she uses very descriptive words such as “smelling like fish” and also uses the word, “like an internal organ”. As I’m reading those words, I ‘m imaging what she is talking about, as well as establishing myself in her shoes, what those smells might be. Even if sounds kind of gross, but it sounds so realistic to me, that I want to be there smelling that. She also describes the types of food her parents used to make for her as well. Very descriptive it actually made me hungry. I think in my own story, I plan to use a lot if details, without giving away what really is happening. I want to use words to describe my mood, what is around me, and what I might have felt in that moment using metaphors and similes.


2. From watching the two videos, I learned that narrative story’s are written in first person, meaning “I”. Also there must be some type of action in your narrative story that will be interesting to know about. We must focus on one event, and not try to tell your whole life story at once. Another important thing I learned is to try to recreate the events happening, using as much detail as possible, without telling specifically what is happening. I think the more descriptive words I use, the more my audience will feel like they are there recreating what I, the writer felt.


3. I think I ‘m going to write about the day I gave birth to my son Nikolas. I will never forget that day. But I think I do need to write ideas on how I ‘m going to use descriptive words, without telling all the story. Like I had mentioned before, I want my reader to feel and sense what I felt when I was giving birth, and what I had to struggle with.



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