Quote and free write




P.1: “There were rivers in Prance, and

huge churches, and fair skinned people

everywhere, the way there were brown

all around Victor”.

Free write

I’m a little confused in this quote because

I don’t understand why they used the word Prance

and not France, not sure if it was just a mistake or they

wanted to put it like that. Another thing that stuck out to me was how they

mentioned the color of people skin, I found that a bit strange.



P.1: “They shook hands, raza-style, and jerked

their heads at once another in a saludo de vato”.

Free Write

I find this quote very funny and interesting.

Funny in the sense that some friends, specially the younger

generation do use this type of vocabulary when seeing a friend, but

it also refelcts how authentic he is in using these words, it also says to me, how

comfortable he is around his friends and he is just begin himself.


P. 1: “I was awake, listening to the

sleeping sounds of skin”.

Free Write

I really like how Alexie uses the word Skins to describe

other people around her. She has many choices to choose other

words but she uses skins. She also uses this word again at the top of the last

page when saying “passing around bread to other skins”. I found this very interesting and

wonder why she describes it like that.





  1. Both essay are narrative essays.They are telling  a story or experience of there own and also using language that is unique to that person who is telling the story.
  2. These two stories are in past tense. We know that because it there stories that have been said in the past.
  3. The two stories are told from first person point of view, and we know that because of the type of unique language they use to describe the way they feel and also there experiences.
  4. I think they used this type of structure because they were using there own language and uniqueness to describe there story. They use language that they feels conformable to them.




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