1. I enjoy reading a lot. When its a  difficult book to understand, I need to be in a quiet place such as library. But when its homework I do it anywhere, even at  work since I have a lot of down time when I am not busy, so I take advantage of that and read if its homework related. But my preference is reading outdoors, smelling nature and alone. For example, yesterday I had time to be outdoors at school campus, and took time to read for 30 min. I felt good and relaxed. But I do prefer to not have noise. I cannot listen to music while reading, it takes my concentration away.


2. I do annotate. In fact I like to put hearts and check marks on comments that I agree on. It’s things that I don’t agree on,I put sad faces or question marks, so that I can later go back to it and analyze it better. I also like to highlight things that seemed important to me. and actually do a lot of highlighting, it helps me see what I think its important and relevant. Annotating also helps me see if the writer has reliable sources or if it’s just their own opinion.


3. I take notes only when its books related for exams or school books that I am reading to get a critical response from. I do this by buying small sticky notes and writing my notes there next to what seemed important to me. Like that I know why I put my sticky note there with questions or concerns I might have.

4. I think I the way I read is working out for me, but I can always improve more. Maybe I can try reading outdoors more, since I don’t really get a chance. Also, reading the same thing time twice so I can really get a good grip on what I am reading. I can also become a better note taker. Sometimes I get so caught up in reading that I forget I was supposed to be taking notes.


  1. Rachel is explains to what it feels like to be eleven years old, but also what it does not feel  like. There are days where we might feel like we are all grown up, but then there are days where we feel we are still kids, and need to cry. It does not matter how old you really are. When your sad and want to cry, you are three, or when you say something stupid you are  10. But it was Rachel’s 11th birthday,and even though people expected her to be all grown up, and have a word of her own, when she did try to say something she was quiet down real quick by her teacher, and an older girl. When finally one of her classmates admitted that the sweater was hers, it was late the damaged to Rachel’s feelings had been hurt.


2. The main character is Rachel. I learned that age, to Rachel means nothing. A person can be 50 years old, and be stupid. Or a person can be 11 and know a lot. Whatever age a person is, they also have the past ages behind them.


3. I think Sandra is trying to tell us that it doesn’t  matter the age you are, you can be 11 and feel like a three-year old, or you can think you are all grown up,but there might be still days where you feel like a three-year old and cry. And that’s ok, because we all have those days. But that day, the main character felt she wished she was one hundred and two, because maybe then, she would had a response to her teacher, and not just sit there with a sweater so ugly, it made her feel ugly.


4. I think I do. She starts by saying that a year older did not really mean a lot to her. Even thought she was a year old that day, she was quiet down as if she was three without a voice of her own.   Her family would be celebrating her birthday and  it was too late, because she had already  experience a horrible day at  school, that she wished she would have never experienced.


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